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Product Description

Other Details:
  • Fevicol SH is a premium grade synthetic resin-based adhesive suitable for woodworking as well as handicraft based on wood and paper products and other similar joinery applications. 

Application Method:
  • Surfaces to be bonded should be free from oil; grease; dust and dirt and should be dry and properly leveled for a snug fit. 
  • Stir the contents of the container before use. 
  • Apply thin coat of adhesive on both side for hardwood and on one side for soft wood. 
  • Press firmly both the surfaces until glue is wet. 
  • Excess adhesive which oozes out from edges should be wiped off with squeezed wet cloth. 
  • To get best results, bonded surfaces are to be kept under pressure for 24 hrs. 
  • If required, pressure can be released after 2-3 Hrs and the bonded assembly can be put to use.