About Us


It’s more than two decades that we stepped into the field of interior architectural products. Our story began in 1997. Back then we were a small store in the area market.

Today Gaurav Ply and Hardware is a well established firm, a trend-setter and an absolute leader in serving the requirements related to the world’s best brand plywood & architectural hardware, builder’s plywood & hardware, modular furniture fittings, and enclosed customer demands in this vast market.

Our mission is to provide the right products to different needs. Our focus is to add more value for money products to the targeted needs.

It has to be emphasized here that our achievement of being at the top in the field today can be attributed to sticking to the high degree of our fair trade practices and maintaining high ethics in all aspects of our business.

Every individual lives with a dream. And then he has a sculpture of his dream home crafted deep down in the head. To fulfil this dream of the customer and also to meet with the changing trends of the design industry, we continuously keep on working on new product concepts and thereby offering maximum choice to today’s discerned buyer. Our few exclusive statement products also let you complete the look you have been eyeing upon. We accede to try out a number of permutations and combinations with our support team, which might guide you in visualizing the picture.

Today we are offering a wide range of Plywood, Veneer, Laminates, Doors, Decorative Accessories, Architectural Hardware, Aristocratic and Luxury Hardware, Door Handles, Glass Handles, Furniture Fittings and Mechanism which include all kinds of Locks, Door-Locks, Centralized Locking Systems for Hotels, Exclusive Office Products, Curtain Accessories, Kitchen Accessories, Bathroom Fittings, etc.

We keep on working towards the betterment of our existing products through invasive market research and valuable customer feedback.